Movie Synopsis

Benji Faulkner is doing pretty well for a 22 year old college drop-out. He has had dinner with celebrities like Donatella Versace and Luciano Pavarotti, driven in Bentley automobiles worth $250,000+, and currently makes over a million dollars a year - buying and selling cows.

In fact, most people would say he is doing very well for himself - but Benji is not like most people. He has become bored with the bovine business, and wants to move onto bigger things. But before he can leave the farm, Benji still needs to achieve one final goal: find the perfect cow.

Join Benji as he travels to some of the most rural towns in Canada looking for the perfect cow, a single head of cattle worth at least $250,000. Meet some of the strangest and most entertaining characters this country has to offer, and explore what rural life is really like. Discover how a drop-out became a millionaire, how a business school student ended up making a movie about him, and what makes The Perfect Cow so perfect.

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